We Are More Than A Body

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Our larger presence (soul) dwells in the body (form) we have taken on for this earthly experience, but it is not limited to that form. In the article I posted on my blog a few months ago, I talked about our dwelling in two dimensions simultaneously. ( http://overthemilesofmymind.com/living-in-two-dimensions-simultaneously ) The beautiful thing about this awareness is, one finally comes to understand the concept of no time or space. We can be together in consciousness with those we love, at any time we choose, without being geographically and physically close. Presence can be anywhere and everywhere and is not limited as we are in our physical existence. This has been a major growing awareness for me over time.

When I was in a comatose state two years ago, the answers to this dilemma began to emerge. I was about to have an experience that would put it all together for me. In the time since then, my understanding has become clearer and clearer, as my experiences with presence have increased in frequency and in intensity. This understanding is not just from carefully thinking and contemplating and drawing conclusions, although that has been a part of it, but has come like a flash in complete gestalts. The understanding has come all at once in a second of time, and then the thinking comes as I try to record the flash of insight I have been given.

While in the hospital, I had an NDE. During that experience, my pastor, Deb, or more specifically her presence, was with me during that whole episode. (Described in my book: Coming Full Circle through Changes, Challenges and Transitions) When reliving that beautiful experience of indescribable love and light, it was apparent that neither of us had a form, not even facial recognition, but none-the-less there was no question about who was with me. I “knew” Deb. I was experiencing that presence that lives and has its being without form. That presence or energy that enlivens our bodies, has probably been together before throughout eons of time. We might call this presence our soul, but it is not confined to a body form. Instead, it also lives in Universal Consciousness.

I now frequently experience the sensation of Deb’s presence with me at certain times, and that meeting is as real and as palapable as any that takes place in our linear time concept. My friend Mary Beth and I have been “meeting” as well, and I’m finding that when we are discussing an idea or exploring a thought or concept, even over a great distance, I never feel a space between us. but her presence also appears beside me and there is no separation. We are present and together as though we were physically in the same space.

That we can open ourselves to experience the presence of others, even when the form/body is at a distance, is a remarkable gift. And that helps us to establish how we are ONE with everyone and all that has been created. I have often marveled how some of my dear friends and family can appear in my dreams and I awaken so filled with love and the feeling that we have really just been together. Now, I understand that Presence exists forever, and there is no separation except in the confines of our thinking. How comforting and joyous it is to REALLY know that love and life NEVER end; there is no time nor space, only the all encompassing gift of Presence or Consciousness.


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