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Rocks and Anchors, Touchstones and Talismans

Book: Coming Full Circle through Changes, Challenges and Transitions (available on Amazon) Blog Archives:   Throughout our life, we often find there are times when we need someone to be our “rock” and our “anchor.” For many, many  years, my husband and my dear friend Masil were always there as strong rocks and anchors,…

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Our Evolving Soul

As an ever-evolving and awakening soul, I’m certain I’ve come through an infinite number of experiences, both animate and inanimate, as well as through many stages of human development.  I’m also fairly certain I will continue to encounter an infinite number of lives and circumstances in my soul’s journey. Everyone I judge negatively or harshly will, in all likelihood, become an opportunity for me to live out…

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Who Am I Judging

When I judge someone, I am really only judging an aspect of myself that I find unacceptable. As we come to realize we are just one aspect or one small piece of the whole creation, we also realize that everyone and everything else is just a piece of that same creation and only together do we…

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