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The Dream of LOVE Unbound

Book: Coming Full Circle Through Changes, Challenges and Transitions ( Blog:   For several days now, the ideas for this particular post have been circulating through my brain. Bits and pieces have even found their way to paper, only to be arranged and rearranged numerous times in the process. I invite you to dream with me for a…

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Levels Of Growth Toward Effective Problem Solving

Most problems are attempted to be resolved at one or more of four levels. Most of us who are more mature in understanding the way of spirit, may go through all four levels in order to reach the highest understanding of how LOVE, both personal and universal, works in problem solving. 1.  The first attempt is at the…

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It’s All God Consciousness

Book: Coming Full Circle Through Changes, Challenges and Transitions: Blog:  http:/   This post was inspired by a discussion around the idea that whatever happens, “It’s All God.” As I wrestled with this topic many years ago, I had to come to the conclusion that I had only two choices. I could believe that God is the Divine Evolutionary…

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