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Putting Your Heart On Paper

From: Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac  (2001) (Used by permission) “In my currently chaotic fields, poetry is the only pasture which grants me seed to harvest a thought.” -Deborah Patterson Emotions are running rampant, and have been for over a week now, since the election of Donald Trump as President-Elect of the United States. It doesn’t matter…

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Reparenting And Healing Our Inner Child

A short discussion this morning in a prayer group I lead, led me to revisit the topic of the Inner Child that lives within each one of us. It’s been said it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, but it is impossible until that inner child knows s/he is safe and loved. This…

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Trusting Love

Book: Coming Full Circle Through Changes, Challenges and Transitions Book Website:   Sometimes it’s hard to trust love. If someone who “should” love and protect you is the instrument of your pain instead, it becomes hard to trust love even when the true, genuine, and more unconditional love flows your way. You build a…

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