Rewriting Your Story

In my last post, (I know, quite awhile back) I spoke about using the journal as a way of expressing our feelings. So often once our feelings are in front of us on paper, it is easier to understand just what it is that confronts us, and in the process, it helps our bodies to release the stress they are holding. Therefore, we are approaching a healthy response in both our bodies, and our minds.  In order to complete the process in a whole integrated way, we may want to take the next step by continuing the writing process to include both our soul and spirit as well.

Over my lifetime of journaling after having found at a very young age that some things brought feelings too huge to hold within, writing them down became my natural outlet. Over time, I began to notice that the writing often didn’t feel quite complete; there seemed to be something still missing. One day after having written out a painful experience, I continued to write. I wasn’t certain what I was to write, but trusted my fingers and heart to continue. As I did so, I was amazed at the thoughts that began to come flooding into my mind as I raced to rapidly record them before they disappeared beyond my recall.

First, I could feel my soul speaking as it searched for some meaning in the event I had just finished recording. And to my utter disbelief, I found that I had learned something quite valuable in that encounter. I had learned I needed to face some of my inner resistance to looking at my own participation in the events that had transpired, and I learned to tap into my own inner strength. My soul had spoken and was helping me to recognize and learn the lessons I came to learn. WOW.

But, still there seemed something else aching to express, so picking up my pen again, I continued to write as an incredible insight came from my spirit which seemed to be directing me toward a higher level of both thinking about and of responding to what had occurred. In doing so, it also took me into a place I’d never consciously been before, and it gave me a deeper understanding of who and what I am beyond my ego and the earth suit I’m wearing.

To this day, I use this process of always writing all the feelings, rational and irrational down, but I keep on writing until some sense and some lessons begin to emerge. From there I continue to write, sometimes forcing myself because my ego still wants to blame someone else and justify my feelings, but as I move forward with the writing, again answers fill me with self love and understanding while offering me solutions beyond my egoic mind. This leads me into 6th dimensional thinking, the place from which my spirit can speak and I can listen and respond. Only when I believe I can “think it through” rather than writing or feeling it through, do I fail.


  1. Cheryl Rancourt on October 25, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Hi Lone , it’s been awhile …….
    You explained this well – ✔️ I do a lot of journaling also
    – but last week I couldn’t get rid of the thoughts in my head – so at last minute I remembered Mel Robbins talking about ‘thought dumping ‘ so I tried it —
    It was miraculous .. what a difference
    I’m using that now in between everything else .
    It was nice to read your writings again xoxo

  2. Ione on October 26, 2017 at 12:38 am

    Hey, thanks Cheryl… it’s good to hear from you again!

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