Our Evolving Soul

As an ever-evolving and awakening soul, I’m certain I’ve come through an infinite number of experiences, both animate and inanimate, as well as through many stages of human development.  I’m also fairly certain I will continue to encounter an infinite number of lives and circumstances in my soul’s journey. Everyone I judge negatively or harshly will, in all likelihood, become an opportunity for me to live out their life circumstances so that I may understand their situation with more kindness and compassion. If I think in terms of Quantum Sciences and embrace the “parallel lives” theory instead, then I am already living it out in another dimension, and at some point I will focus on and experience it. I’m thinking of that old cliché: “What we don’t forgive, we’re doomed to live.”

Everyone has their story and, beyond the appearance I see, there may be a soul purpose I cannot see. I remember a theologian once saying: “You can’t judge a drunk in the gutter, for all you know, this may be his last lesson before he has reached perfection.” There is so MUCH we don’t know when we only judge by our limited earthly values. I would always rather err on the side of generosity, rather than on the side of criticism. I haven’t walked in their shoes, so my understanding is limited, at best. I guess this stance is selfish in its own way, for neither do I want to be forced to understand by living a lifetime in their shoes. This is called self-preservation, I think.

However, I have to remember back to past instances when I have judged someone rather harshly only to find out what they had been though, and when I did, it melted my heart. I suppose having been a counselor for so many years taught me that nothing is as simple as it appears. Neither are the solutions.  And so, as Karma, Newton’s 3rd law, or sowing and reaping would have it, one can choose to be kind and compassionate whether one fully understands or not. The alternative seems to be that our soul will lead us into similar circumstances until we do gain a new perspective. We must also be cognizant that when we judge another, it really says little or nothing about them, but it reveals to us our own “dark sides” or shadow selves that lurk in the deep recesses of our psyches. If we have disowned or failed to recognize these shadows, we  project them out onto others. However, it takes real courage, and only the bravest of souls are willing or dare to look inside themselves that deeply.    http://overthemilesofmymind.com/who-am-I-judging

When we find ourselves in adverse physical, emotional or painful circumstances, it may be well to reflect on what we have thought, spoken or done that might be lurking behind the events we are experiencing.  If we find a connection, then we can embrace and learn the lesson it offers, it’s then possible to recreate our life and rewrite our story. If there doesn’t seem to be a connection to the here-and-now, it may or may not have happened during this current lifetime, but be unresolved issues from another experience. We do, it seems, also carry and experience the memories of our ancestors for at least three generations. The relatively new science of Epigenetics has explored and explains how this happens. However, if we “get” the lesson, even though we may not understand its origin, we may be able to eliminate any future repeat performances.

Beyond our personal understanding of what we are experiencing, there may also be a cosmic purpose for what is happening and our soul has chosen to be a piece of a grander puzzle. The soul’s journey is a mysterious and joyful one  For if we are, as many early mystics, and now scientists believe, the Universe (God, or Consciousness) discovering itself through us, then we are learning to be a reflection of the PURE LOVE that created us. And that is the destination of our soul.



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