Our Bodies Have A Self Healing Consciousness

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This past week my dear friend, Mary Beth Seay M.D., and I have embarked on a joint project of using direct communication to our bodies for urging them to heal themselves. Our body intelligence knows exactly how to rebuild and heal itself; our participation aids and abets the process. Our decision to begin this research was stimulated by an article entitled: “You are the Placebo: How talking to your cells can heal your body” by Therese Wade. Therese begins the article by saying that a phrase spoken by indigenous medicine women began her journey to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. The simple phrase said: “Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.”

I have long believed in and used the practice of visualizing simple things like restoring my movement in a shoulder that had little mobility. Moshe Feldenkrais pioneered some impressive research in this area, and I’ve found his techniques particularly useful as I’ve aged and my mobility became less fluid. Now I’m curious about adding direct verbal communication to the consciousness or soul of the part of the body I’m visualizing. In retrospect, I have done this on a couple occasions, quite successfully, but I had done it automatically (or in desperation) without really thinking about it as a part of a process. I remember once talking to my body to release a kidney stone, repeating these words: “down and out, rapidly and without pain” which did happen in a short time. However, I couldn’t be certain if it helped speed the process or whether it just made me feel better by doing something.

I also remember using it when I was much younger. I was in the dentist chair to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed and I was encouraging the tooth to loosen and to release its roots and come up and out easily. Even the dentist was surprised how easily he extracted the tooth when he thought it would be more complicated. While I did believe it worked in that case, it wasn’t anything I really thought much about after that incident. While I have believed there was a connection, it hasn’t been something I’ve consciously or consistently used. Now seems like a good time to see how effectively it can be used as a consistent addition to the healing process.

Before I write down the outline of what we are doing, I need to make it perfectly clear that: WE ARE STILL USING ANY MEDICATIONS AND FOLLOWING ANY INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO US BY OUR MEDICAL DOCTORS. We are not using this process as a replacement for our medical care, but as an addition to what has been prescribed. I have used it on two stubborn conditions with some marked success. However, there are so many variables that only time can tell me what the final outcome might be. It has encouraged me, however, to continue. I would stress that you follow these precautions if you choose to try this.

The following steps are the ones we are following:

1. Since our bodies will reflect for us a connection to any emotion or situation that corresponds to the part of the body affected, I did a two chair dialogue with both of the places I was working on. And, since I do that technique often with dreams, in a very short time I had some very solid information. I have begun to use that information to make some changes in my life where change was indicated. Even if you do not know how to dialogue as I did, start looking at any connections that may exist. Using some of the common statements we often use, is a good guide. In the case of shoulders for example, we may think of “shouldering the load” or “it all falls on my shoulders,” etc.

2. Begin a practice that leads you into a deep state of connection with the larger consciousness/presence. I use music, breathing and meditation. This should be a regular practice in order to reach a serene and relaxed state.

3. After coming into your personal place of connection with the divine, began your conversation with the body part you are wanting to encourage to heal. For me this was my lower back. I talked with it over a period of half an hour or more, where I thanked it for its lifetime of service and encouraged it to use its built-in healing mechanism to restore itself to a healthier and more solid state of health. I encouraged it to make this a reality and assured my back that I knew it could and would do this.

4. I visualized all the things I would do with a strong lower back and affirmed that I knew this would happen and believed in it.

5. The last step was gratitude. I thanked my back, and I sent love and gratitude to the divine essence that inhabits all the stem cells and allows them to grow anew into perfection. I ended by simply saying: And so it is… AMEN.

I will be checking in as this progresses, and it is my hope if any of you feel moved to try this, you’ll feel free to comment on your experience.

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