Non Duality The Evolution Of A Cosmic Humanity

In the “journey home” to the Universal field of LOVE from which we, as star dust or spirit energy, took human form, the path is so often circuitous. We don’t remember who we really are or that we are spirits who have taken on Human form, so we often impede our own progress. However, our soul is constantly “recalculating” our journey. Often, because we tend to be short-sighted, we balk at some of the events that occur. However, at the Cosmic and Evolutionary level, they are not just random events, but are, instead, the necessary shifts that ultimately serve our highest good. This occurs not only on the personal level, but also is necessary for the higher purposes of the Cosmic and Planetary evolution. The unfortunate thing is, at this point in planetary history, certain things have had to happen in order to motivate consciousness and change because it wasn’t happening until humanity was shaken to the core.

Some of the deplorable  events that occur, and while they appear (and are) devastating such as 9/11, they also serve to allow people to see what fear and hate look like when it runs amok. And for a few great moments/days it brought the world together in a new way. The attacks in Paris resulted in the same Unity for most of the world. And, again, for a few moments in time we were aware that we were all ONE. The Duality disappeared and we stood together in that energy web of connection and became aware of the Non-Duality humanity that we are! Naturally we would all prefer that we could get together in a more peaceful unity. However, that doesn’t seem to happen. It seems as though the catalysmic events have been, so far. the only thing that has engendered this level of united world-wide response. So even though this level of unity didn’t last, it did give us a vision of the “possible” and we’ve never gone back to quite the same degree of separateness we experienced before it happened. (ISIS seems to be helping make certain of that!)

So what can we do as individuals or as a collective, who see and understand this concept of the oneness of all things or non-duality, to best utilize and incorporate this new information? Here is an excerpt from my latest book: “Coming Full Circle through Changes, Challenges and Transitions: “An unshakeable understanding and trust in Divine Order or in the Evolutionary or Organic Process which uses disorder and chaos, a breaking down or disordering of systems in order to reorganize and recreate higher forms. These higher forms incorporate the old as it rises to higher degrees of organization, and is neither fatalistic or non-participatory. This is the basic or core value which gives us the stability, the wisdom, the love, and understanding to interact decisively, compassionately, and often dispassionately, with the events and challenges that confront us individually and universally in varying degrees. It is the truth that sets us free.”  Remembering, as Walter Starcke pointed out in his wonderful book of the same title,  “It’s All God.”

People will play different roles within the greater plan. There will be both Meditators and Activists, Visionaries and thinkers, and the Organizers and the Doers. The visionaries and thinkers have the ability to see the larger picture and to postulate the ideas and the needs. Organizers will put those ideas into a framework and strategy, while the meditators “hold the space” and the activists and doers dig in and make it all happen. Each person has a role in bringing together the transformation from Separateness into Oneness. We can all begin by looking at our personal life and philosophy, and where we see the “you vs. me” or the “we vs. they,” we can begin to alter our thoughts, our words, and our actions to fit into the new paradigm. Old divisions can begin to melt into new unions as we begin to see differences melt away. “As we are able to embrace the various paths, be it one of the religions, an eclectic Spiritual journey utilizing truth from several, or the path of Humanism. At the end of the day, they all proclaim one basic truth, the importance of love and respect for others.” (Coming Full Circle) This movement from the individual to the one, cannot be enforced from the top down, but is only effective as we build it from the bottom up!

One thing we must hold in Consciousness, while still here in “Earth Suits,” is that we are not our bodies. These Human Forms are only the containers for our souls to experience physical and human life, and so the real/true us is never harmed by what happens to the Earth Suit.  In closing this post, here is a piece of timely advice from the Buddha: “Change yourself and you change the world!”


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  1. Vicki on January 26, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Thank you, Ione. Your words have helped me settle my mind tonight. Lately I’ve been drowning in fear over what is happening in the world and in my personal life. I find myself shaking, hyperventilating and feeling that I’m going to have a mental breakdown. I am sickened that I am harboring hate towards certain people and their beliefs. I am having migraine headaches and ocular migraines, both which prevent me from thinking clearly. I have missed a lot of work lately. I look for ways to be in order to regain hope, and your insights help. This is a time of great inner struggle for me, and I appreciate the work you continue to do for those of us who need to breathe, get centered and remember that there is one who knows what we need.

  2. Ione on January 31, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Hi Vicki!
    Thanks for your kind words, which I just picked up this a.m. These are tough times, and like you, many are seeking comfort and answers. As you know, I believe there is always a bigger/cosmic picture to everything, even though we may only really find or understand it in retrospect many years later. I find so many things I was so upset about as a much younger woman, were exactly what led me to future happiness! I believe that humanity is making an evolutionary adjustment, and because we weren’t doing it, it took these drastic measures to get our attention, and that it has done….BIG TIME!! I see Trump as the Judas of our modern times, and in all honesty, there is an element in Trump in each of us. How often do we do brash things that do not benefit us? I have good friends who voted for him. Some are regretful, others still defending him. My test of character is to continue to remember why I love them, and to ask God to love them through me, because I can’t just now. I also understand they are just as puzzled about why I could vote for Hillary. On the positive side, I see a new cohesiveness, a fierce defense of the “other” and a cooperative spirit that is unmatched in my 82 year memory. A bit like I experienced in the Depression era and during WWII. Perhaps, one day, we won’t need catastrophes to motivate us to learn the lessons of love our souls came to learn. Read a fantastic article/solution I posted today by Diana Bass. You can go to my facebook page and find it if you can’t locate it on your feed. I’m following her advice today and I love the way it is working for me!! Thanks again, I think of you often, and send you hugs and blessings right now! Ione

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