Levels Of Growth Toward Effective Problem Solving

Most problems are attempted to be resolved at one or more of four levels. Most of us who are more mature in understanding the way of spirit, may go through all four levels in order to reach the highest understanding of how LOVE, both personal and universal, works in problem solving.

1.  The first attempt is at the physical level. We often see this level on the playground or in the bar where little boys or grown men “duke it out.” Little girls or grown women tend to pull hair or use mean words to “hit” the other person. Countries or religions and ideologies go to war which never results in a solution only in a show of strength.

2.  The second way is at the mind level where we tend to try to convince someone into seeing things our way, or at least to bargain or compromise on the issue we are trying to solve. Far superior to the first method of using physical force, it may result in a temporary solution or even in a workable compromise. There is, however, a limited, if any, real understanding of the larger context of why the problem may have occurred.

3.  The third way is at the soul or heart level. At this level we’ve begun to see that a bigger picture is involved and, either at the conscious or unconscious level, we have made some choices resulting in the situation now confronting us. In other words, we are becoming aware and step up to take responsibility for our part in this situation. Some call this the law of Karma, Sowing and Reaping, or Cause and Effect. (Newton’s Third Law) Whatever one prefers to call it, we are beginning to suspect we are not the innocent victims that we have always thought ourselves to be. We do have more involvement, and thus more power, in resolving many circumstances that appear. A good example is a woman who marries an alcoholic or an abuser, leaves him and marries a second one. Until she takes responsibility for searching out and examining the reasons and patterns (low self-esteem? childhood experiences? etc.) drawing these experiences to her, the pattern repeats. But, ultimately, only she can resolve this. If we think we can do something, we usually can. If we think failure, usually that is the result we get. We begin to realize the power of thought to create our life.

Also at this third level, we begin to see there is a reason and a lesson lurking in here somewhere whether it is immediately visible or not.  It generally takes some deep exploration and gut level honesty, or even retrospect to gain greater insight into the meaning and purpose or gifts and lessons this current challenge is offering. And often the soul, who is directing our growth, leads us in circuitous paths to actualize the purpose we came to achieve. A dear friend was divorced after many years of marriage. She was bitter in the beginning, but took responsibility for creating a new path. She went on to Graduate School, got her credentials to be a counselor and became extremely successful. She later confessed what a gift the divorce had been. She had totally submerged her own talents and desires to be a wife and supporter of her husband’s goals, and now she, too, felt fulfilled. At level three we know that we came for the purpose of growing our soul, learning to express the unconditional love we are, and becoming that which we are meant to be. This is not to say that marriage eliminates that possibility, but too often, for women, that is the result.

4.  At the fourth, or Planetary and Cosmic level, we have gotten a glimpse that there may be a picture much more vast than our finite minds can comprehend at this point, but that none-the-less exists. This is the realm of parallel universes, millions of galaxies, possible life on other planets, and the list goes on endlessly. Quantum Science is now exploring “consciousness” and discovering, mathematically, the potential possibilities beyond. Most of us are still “wrapping our minds” around the concepts being thrown out daily in this View of the Cosmos.

However, many people have grasped the concept of a pulsating energy and consciousness in every single aspect of creation on Planet Earth. Acknowledging this concept becomes a clarion call for us to change the way we view and respond to absolutely everything. At the Planetary level, we can see that our individual choices not only affect our own personal lives, but affects everyone and every existing thing on our planet. It is at this point that my life and desires become secondary, in many ways, to the evolution of the “Whole.” Just as a soldier gives his/her life “for their country,” so I may be giving mine for the purpose of helping humankind evolve into the fullness of a loving species.

When I saw the immense love and support the entire World was showing during the events of 9/11, I thought of all the women and men who gave their lives in the towers and on the plane. I felt theirs was a heroic death. Is it possible, that their souls had willingly participated in this act of horror in order to show the world for a brief time what world compassion and love could look like? Who knows, but I’d rather die for such a noble cause, if given the opportunity, than  some other ways I can think of, although those too will serve some pre-designed soul purpose, I’m certain. This takes a major leap in faith and understanding, I know, but history has ample examples of individual suffering having such monumental outcomes. Could those souls have determined this scenario before incarnating?

I usually take my difficult challenges through all four levels.  First, if need be, I journal the “B.S.” and “duke it out” on paper, then it naturally flows into the second level and the ways I can work it out. Moving to the third level, I know everything that happens is a mirror and an echo and I turn inward to gain the insight and lesson/s being offered. The fourth step is to determine how this lesson can add “leaven” to a growing universal humanity trying to evolve into a loving and peaceful creation. And, ultimately, that is what we are here to do!


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