How To Become A Modern Everyday Mystic

In my post last week, I promised to delve a little deeper into the modern practice of the mystical. Most people have an occasional mystical experience and often call them co-incidence, or say: “A strange thing happened to me….” However, the so-called mystical is consistently happening all around us every day, but much of our lives are lived in a daze and a maze of activity, stress, and anxiety, so we fail to recognize the subtle signs and wonders swirling around us. And because we have become such a left-brained culture, we often allow our egoic mind to convince us that our experiences are products of our imagination when there is no hard or measureable data to verify them. So much of mysticism is not verifiable with hard science because that is the very nature of the mystical experience.

As I wrote last week, the best definition I’ve heard of a mystic is: “One who has moved from mere belief or belonging systems to inner experience.” – (Richard Rohr) The modern, everyday mystic has just become more aware of these little “flashes of intuition,” or “gut feelings” and “hunches” and they are able to see that these have no rational explanation, and yet, many times are “right on.” These modern mystics, still living in the world, have learned to see, feel and listen carefully as they go about their daily lives. Those things that seem to be a little out of the ordinary are worthy of our attention.

Carl Jung talked about synchronicity, which are those experiences that leave us puzzled and a little in awe, but we seldom think of them as mystical. For example, you may pick up the phone to call someone and have the phone ring. On the other end is the person you were just going to call. Not long ago I was in the process of texting my friend when my phone rang. When I answered, it was my friend. However, when we consider that everything is energy, and everything is connected by a web of this energy, why does it seem so mysterious when something like this occurs. The more you become aware of the synchronicities in your life, the more frequently they will appear.

Another potent way that we can have mystical experiences, is through dreams. While the majority of dreams are parts of ourselves and what we need to learn, there are other levels of dreams that are revealing things we couldn’t possibly have known.  I’ve written an earlier post on this blog about this subject.  I’ve had dreams that totally changed the direction of my life. And, more recently, I had a three dream sequence that has definitely given me an inner shift of feelings and understandings that might have taken me another lifetime to “grow” into by the usual means. (Although, who knows, perhaps I had been growing into it and was prepared to make the final shift that just occurred.) These are “on the road to Damascus” experiences that, if we are paying attention, will occasionally occur. Most modern, everyday mystics have learned to pay attention to their dreams and often even keep a dream journal in order to keep track of any information that may prove the validity of a dream. This is an excellent way to learn the language of dreams and your own personal symbolism. For me, my dreams have been a source of great pleasure and as intriguing as any drama that appears on stage.

Some scientists have used their dreams to solve problems and have found answers. The benzene chain was discovered through a dream, and Elias Howe was able to complete his sewing machine through a dream that solved a problem he had encountered and hadn’t been able to consciously solve. Inventor Nicola Testla, using his intuition, predicted the internet in 1900 when he wrote an article for Century Magazine describing a world system of wireless communication that could send telephone messages, news, music and pictures to any part of the world. I often receive dream information about those I love and hold dear. Many of us experience wonderful reunions with friends and loved ones on the other side as we sleep.

Meditating and/or writing in a journal is often an amazing process for developing a connection with our universal wisdom. It can be amazing that with practice one can actually counsel oneself. We live in two dimensions simultaneously. We live in this world of form, while the larger part of our consciousness is still living in the formless dimension. This enables us to draw on that larger source of information.  That is where someone like Esther Hicks is gaining her “Abraham” wisdom. Very often when I journal about an issue, the writing is so intent on being written, I have to go back and re-read it when I’ve finished to know what has been said. Often, I ask myself: “Where did that come from?” I am amazed at the wisdom I just received.

The mystical abounds and is all around us, and there are many ways to access a connection to all that is, both seen and unseen, I’ve merely touched on a few. Many do it through Art, Music, Drama and all manner of other experiences. Just set your Intention to be a modern, everyday mystic and open your eyes and ears and, yes, often actual voices may be heard. My friend, Ginger, smells a certain perfume when her deceased relative is near. A light touch or a kiss on the cheek are also experiences some people have. I often sense the presence of loved ones near me even though they are still alive. Just be open and begin to trust your own experiences, and they will prove or disprove themselves as you learn and grow. Enjoy the journey into mysticism!


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