Dinosaurs Are Not Dead The Male Female Struggle

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Becoming conscious in an unconscious world brings many challenges. Bringing balance between head and heart becomes fraught with many misunderstood battles between the sexes. When a woman is partnered with a strong left brained male and she is more in touch with her right brain, the battle begins. Women who have become as well educated as their male counterparts, usually find themselves fighting for equality at home and in the workplace. That glass ceiling casts its shadows in many conscious and unconscious ways. Millennium of male dominance does not die easily and rears its head in many direct and subtle ways.

An argument a male may have with a female can even wear a benevolent guise, but beneath the argument is the old fight for male supremacy and dominance. He may maintain he is only trying to be helpful and be totally unaware of his own secondary agenda of proving his male superiority. The fact is, that it has been programmed into the male DNA over eons of time, (when those differences might have been necessary for survival) so regardless of the ego appearing as a  aura of confidence, the male child within the adult is still trying to be a “man.” I married a man and have a son and grandson who are what I, lovingly, call “Gentle Giants.” Large of stature and strength, all of these men have gentle hearts full of compassion, and yet in spite of height and muscle, they all wrestle, from time to time, with appearing to be the male that culture has programmed into their very DNA. Of course, each male has his own vision of just what being “a man” looks like and demands of him. It’s still a new concept to men, that this gentle (anima) side of their masculinity is what makes them so strong of soul and spirit. It is the very quality that humanity needs.

The woman having gained confidence in her own ability to survive and compete, may be blind sided. Knowing she can hold her own and wanting equality, she now is embroiled in a world where males are desperately trying to prove male supremacy. Unenlightened, both are locked into an endless battle that neither can win. This can go on for decades. In fact it has, especially since the women’s movement gained momentum in the 60’s. Understanding these dynamics, both genders can work with the new paradigm of equality. However, often neither are aware of the underlying issue of just how deeply ingrained and embedded this is in the DNA. Who says the dinosaur is extinct?

However, should either one awaken to this dynamic,  change can begin to surface. This does not mean overnight change will happen, but conscious evolution has begun! Of course, it’s ideal if both awaken and can work finding the head and heart balance together, but that seldom happens. It more frequently happens that the woman discovers it first. But that is enough. Because women have a strong intuitive nature, they have a definite advantage in working with the imbalance. As they bring their own head and heart into balance or coherence, they can consciously find better and less combative ways of altering some of the struggle. There are indications that is happening. There is definitely hope, because when even one thing or person changes, everything else shifts with it.  One of my previous blog posts speaks to this subject as well.  http://overthemilesofmymind.com/non-duality-the-evolution-of-a-cosmic-humanity

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