An Insight Dream and The Law of Attraction

Many of our modern mystics are asserting that the “veil” between dimensions is thinning and our intuitive natures are becoming more and more visible. I know that more and more ordinary people are experiencing synchronicities that leave them stunned, and certainly I know people who are becoming more and more intuitive much to their amazement. We are definitely moving toward becoming a 6 sensory species, with intuition being the sixth sense.

This experience happened to me and is recorded in my journal on September 12th 2016.  I can’t really call this a dream, although I was sleeping when it jolted me awake. There were no real pictures or sequence of pictures as in dreams, but just one vague picture and was more of a glimpse or a “knowing” or a deep insight and understanding that brought immense and overwhelming excitement and joy, pleasure and love. Those feelings flooded through my entire body, mind and heart for several hours and even after falling asleep, they remained and I had them throughout the next day. Even now, all these months later, just thinking about this experience brings those feelings back vividly again. Other dreams which have proven to be prophetic, have been similar, but never as deep or profound as this experience was.

One might call it an “insight/message” where there was a moment of extreme clarity in which I absolutely KNEW what the last years of my earth life would bring. The feeling brought such immense joy, and I was saying: “I never dreamed this wonderful life was laying ahead and waiting for me.” It definitely did not seem like a death, but something still ahead of me this lifetime that lies yet in my future. I remember the feeling of living in a community of my dearly beloved friends, although I cannot name who they are because that was not clear to me, only that I recognized each one as I glanced around and was flooded with joy to be among them. I remember glancing to my left and at a little distance, I saw a dearly loved one and my heart was filled with joy and love. I said: “I never expected to see her here.” And I was assured that it really was she, but I didn’t really know her name either until I was being “lifted” out of the scenario and someone said to me: “You, know that was,” and her name was given to me.

I have no idea where this was taking place, although it seemed to be in some natural surroundings, but in a flash, I KNEW the joy and excitement  of what lies ahead for me and was absolutely assured there’s no need to worry or be concerned about anything, it is all wonderfully GOOD.  Sometimes in the middle of a restless night, as one ages, one will allow doubt to creep in and worry about the worst case scenario, but this experience came to assure me there is absolutely no need to worry.

Using the Principles of the Law of Attraction now, keeps the concern away and allows me to embrace what I’ve been shown. It just adds strength to the manifestation of what I’ve already been told! Putting this on paper and sharing it with my readers, assures me that when it happens, it will witness to our ability to see beyond the 5 sensory, 3 dimensional world. It has re-awakened in me my deep desire to live in and be part of a spiritual community again, just as I was for over 30 years at The Holo Center. ( 23 in Idaho and 7 in Dufur and The Dalles, Oregon area. We incorporated in the late 1970’s) As my pastor Deb preached from the pulpit a few Sundays ago… we’re never too young or too old for dreams to come true!



  1. Vicki Ashby on July 5, 2017 at 4:24 am

    Ione, I think this is the most beautiful thing you have written. It fills me with such peace. Thank you.

  2. Ione on July 5, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Thank you Vicki, it certainly fills me with peace as well….

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