America And The Dark Night Of The Soul

This is NOT about Republicans or Democrats or anyone in-between. It is about Americans and the global scene. The political scene confronting America is a gigantic mirror reflecting, for all Americans, the shadows within ourselves and the shadows lurking in our country. That mirror has plenty to reflect for all of us. The ugliness that is emerging in this Presidential campaign is not by any means one-sided. And it is repeated over and over in living rooms, bars, churches, and the office on a daily basis.

The mirror reflections have always been here for us to view ourselves and our country. However, the consciousness has not been such that many people have been able to  grasp the idea. We still would rather point fingers at the other person, political party, or outside circumstances as opposed to taking it in and searching our own hearts and minds to find those same dark thoughts and feelings lurking inside each one of us. Should we do this inner reflection, it would indicate we needed do something about it, and heaven forbid if we would be called on to change ourselves. It seems easier to change the world! However, the change must begin in each of us individually.

By the same token, America’s “dark night of the soul” has become a massive mirror for the countries of our world. They too have their deep dark shadows to confront. As a global community/family, they, too, need to be a vital part of the transformations that the “Conscious Evolution” of planet Earth will require. Without this conscious awareness, the technology we now possess is sufficient to destroy the world. Do any of us really desire that? This stage of evolution requires conscious change at every level of creation. Every individual, every city, every state, every country and every nation has committed crimes of passion and ignorance against one another. It’s time to embrace and learn the lessons the past has taught, and to find the avenues of redemption that will lead us into building a new world.

For the first time in planetary history (as far as we know – some speak of Lemuria and/or Atlantis but there’s no scientific proof of whether or not those really existed) that we have had the technology and the scientific, psychological and spiritual knowledge to be fully conscious and awake to the possibilities and potential to co-create a truly conscious world. Up to this point, we have generally been at the mercy of an unconscious “survival of the fittest” process with only a minimum of conscious involvement

Are we up to the immensity of the task before us? I think we are, but we must have the will and the courage to move to the next stage of becoming Universal Humans. It calls for no less than becoming “co-creators” with the Intelligence that brought all this into being. At this point, the name we assign to that creative energy is unimportant because it is all the same. Call it GOD, Allah, Jehovah, Divine Mind, Evolutionary Impulse, Organic Process, Original Cause, or Unified Field. We only split hairs over the semantics, when we are all searching for the ONE SOURCE.

We must begin by paying attention and learning to become mindful of our thoughts, words and actions, both as individuals and as a country and world. Mindfulness is now being taught, with amazing results, in schools, churches, businesses and is even being used in the military as a way of helping soldiers cope with the stress of war. Simply be aware of your thoughts and actions, minute by minute, as they occur. Note your response, not judging, just being aware. Beware of your breathing as you continue to quietly watch it rise and fall.  Mindfulness will be pursued more deeply in subsquent blogs. In the meantime, either the book “The Power of Now” by Eckart Tolle or “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, will be an excellent reference and source to increase your understanding and methods of achieving mindfulness. For only as we begin to be aware of our own shadows, are we capable of changing our thoughts, words and actions to reflect our higher values.  It’s time for EVERYONE, as Gandhi says: “To be the change we want to see.”


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