Rewriting Your Story


In my last post, (I know, quite awhile back) I spoke about using the journal as a way of expressing our feelings. So often once our feelings are in front of us on paper, it is easier to understand just what it is that confronts us, and in the process, it helps our bodies to release…

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An Insight Dream and The Law of Attraction

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Sharing and Seeking Together


It’s been several months since I’ve entered a new post on this blog. I’ve had some health issues (now resolved) but beyond that, I’ve spent more time following the political and social climate of our country, and it is now time for me to create answers by doing the job I am trained to do.…

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Putting Your Heart On Paper


From: Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac  (2001) (Used by permission) “In my currently chaotic fields, poetry is the only pasture which grants me seed to harvest a thought.” -Deborah Patterson Emotions are running rampant, and have been for over a week now, since the election of Donald Trump as President-Elect of the United States. It doesn’t matter…

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The Dream of LOVE Unbound


Book: Coming Full Circle Through Changes, Challenges and Transitions ( Blog:   For several days now, the ideas for this particular post have been circulating through my brain. Bits and pieces have even found their way to paper, only to be arranged and rearranged numerous times in the process. I invite you to dream with me for a…

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Conscious Evolution Into Universal Humans


Book: Coming Full Circle through Changes, Challenges, and Transitions Blog Archives:   Eckert Tolle says: “We are all consciousness awakening through these short lived forms. (bodies)  It is through the challenges that this life provides that the awakening process happens.” DeChardin believed that humanity had progressed to the point that evolution, which had…

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Rocks and Anchors, Touchstones and Talismans


Book: Coming Full Circle through Changes, Challenges and Transitions (available on Amazon) Blog Archives:   Throughout our life, we often find there are times when we need someone to be our “rock” and our “anchor.” For many, many  years, my husband and my dear friend Masil were always there as strong rocks and anchors,…

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About The Author

Ione Jenson has been a teacher, school administrator, and counselor in grades K-12.
She was a co-owner and director of the Holo Center of Idaho Inc. in Hayden Lake, Idaho,
for twenty-three years, where she was also a spiritual counselor. She is both a student and
teacher of many alternative therapies, helping people to live a more integrated life in body,
mind, and spirit. Read More